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Meet the FOUNDER
Moonis Ali 
Moonis is one of the best Digital Marketer in India. With tons of experience in the field of internet marketing Moonis has helped many leading brands with their online reputation.
His vision behind starting 360 Video India is to make world a smaller place.
Not everyone is lucky enough to travel the world. In india more than 78% of the total population couldn't afford to travel the complete country in their lifetime.
Not any more with 360 Video India you can enjoy the Virtual Reality experience of all the famous places in India & Abroad without paying a dime for it.  

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q  Can you do a commercial shoot / portfolio shoot for us?
Yes, we do provide services for commercial shoots for Real Estate, Hotels, Clubs, Portfolio, Wedding shoots etc .
Q  Can I share a 360 video/images on facebook.
Yes, 360 video/images works perfectly on facebook with high potential of going viral.
Q  What video file resolution will i get?
We produce videos at 4k resolution giving you the best virtual reality experience. 
Q  Can I use 360 video/images on my website?
Yes, you can easily embed a 360 video/image on your website like any other video/image.  
360-degree video is the gateway drug to a fully interactive virtual experience. With a 360 degree video you can give your viewers a perfect viewing angle of their choice.
Last September, Facebook introduced 360-degree videos with the intent of providing content that allows you to connect with the people and things that matter most.
The imminent onset of virtual reality calls for social media professionals to embrace the technology and adjust their digital strategies to accommodate accordingly.
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